B you Ambassador Program

Our Brand

B you leotards was created for girls to be able to show their individuality. We are unique in that we do not purchase printed fabric. We can print any high quality photo, image or pattern onto our fabric before it is sewn into a leotard. Therefore, you will not find our leotards anywhere else! We have so much fun finding different patterns to print and making them into leotards and we hope you all have fun wearing them!



We take great pride in our Instagram account and in our community of followers on Instagram. We block all accounts with no profile picture and accounts with no posts. We block all fake accounts and accounts that do not clearly have pictures/ videos showing that they are a Gymnast, Dancer, Model, Athlete, coach or parent of an athlete. We care more about the quality of our followers than we do about the number of followers we have. You can be assured that our page is a safe page!


The role of a B you Ambassador

  • Maintain a growing account with appropriate followers
  • Post photos/videos in or with B you products at least 2 times per month, making sure you Tag us in each post
  • Use the hashtags #byouleotards and #byouleos along with the leotard name hashtag. For example #watermelonleotard
  • Link to B you leotards Instagram page in your bio along with your 10% code
  • Share our posts or stories when we are announcing something exciting such as a new release or a giveaway
  • Have fun and be creative!


What our Ambassadors receive

  • You will receive a 10% discount code to share with your followers and in your posts.
  • Every time we release new leotards, we will look at the number of times your code has been used since the last release. If your code has been used significantly, we will reward you with a bigger discount code for your next order. You may be offered a 20% code, a 50% code or a 75% code based on the number of times your code has been used. If your code has not been used, or barely used, you will be able to use your own 10% code for your order.
  • The opportunity for reposts in our stories and on our page providing your account with more exposure and likely more followers.
  • You may have the opportunity to see new releases before they are announced
  • You may have the opportunity to help choose which designs are released next
  • You may have the opportunity to be involved in design ideas and may be able to send through your ideas/requests for new designs


The length of an Ambassadorship

The length of your ambassadorship is unlimited and will only be terminated in the following circumstances.

  • You do not regularly post on your feed or in stories with B you products in line with our ambassador requirements (twice per month)
  • You make a post or comment that is not deemed to be positive, encouraging, or respectful
  • You make a post or comment that is inappropriate or not in the best interest of our company
  • You withdraw via DM or email


How to Apply

We accept applications all year round. Apply at any time if you meet the requirements below.

  1. Make sure you have your parents’ permission before applying
  2. Make sure you have a least one B you product
  3. Make sure you have at least one post on Instagram with a B you product
  4. Ideally you would have the goal of growing your account even if you have a small number of followers. We will check the quality of your followers to ensure they are in line with our community
  5. DM us to apply! Let us know why you want to be an ambassador and that you meet the above requirements. We will check your Instagram page for the above and then get back to you with an answer



Please be aware that many young children follow account and so your account and posts must include appropriate content only. Please be mindful of your picture/video and include tasteful and appropriate poses only.

At all times, please be respectful and encouraging and attempt to lift others up by your kind words.

All ambassadors give authority to be reposted by B you leotards on their Instagram and Facebook pages and their website.

Be positive, have fun and B you!