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Pink Palms Strappy Leotard Swimwear

Regular price $60.00

See size chart

Our Pink Palms Strappy Leotard Swimwear can be worn in the gym as a strappy leotard or in the pool as it is cholorine resistant! It features bright pink straps around a pattern of aqua and white stripes with Pink Palm Trees.

Leotards are lined both front and back giving an extra layer of protection.

Now offering size 4 to size 14. All strappy versions provide a little extra room given that there is less fabric on the back and the thinner straps are more stretchy. 

These leotards/swimwear do not come with a scrunchie however matching scrunchies may be purchased separately HERE!

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What size should I get?

B you sizes are standard for the average child and sizes listed are for comfort fit. We do however recommend sizing down for a more fitted gymnastics style. Our leotards are stretchy and you are welcome to message us for a comparison with other brands. Please see size chart below.