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Rainbow Slides

Regular price $14.00

See size chart

Our Rainbow Slides are super comfy and made from a rubber material that is so soft to walk on, it is like walking on a cloud! 

Children will also love the bright rainbow pattern on these shoes.

In order to account for different sizes in different countries, we have included the length in cm and inches for your convenience. 

Size 40 = 25cm long (9.85in)

Size 36 = 23cm long (9.0in)

Size 34 = 20.5cm long (8.0in)

Size 30 = 19cm long (7.5in)

What size should I get?

B you sizes are standard for the average child and sizes listed are for comfort fit. We do however recommend sizing down for a more fitted gymnastics style. Our leotards are stretchy and you are welcome to message us for a comparison with other brands. Please see size chart below.